miércoles, 13 de diciembre de 2017

Christmas contest

Today we have been making Christmas cards. We had so much fun! We are participating in a Christmas cards contest organized by the AMPA. We are all so excited!!

miércoles, 29 de noviembre de 2017

The Gruffalo Story

Los niños de 4 y 5 años han estado trabajando la historia que tanto les ha gustado: The Gruffalo. Han escuchado la historia, han hecho la careta del Gruffalo, han cantado canciones sobre ello y han realizado actividades en la pizarra digital. ¡Se han divertido un montón!

viernes, 24 de noviembre de 2017

English project primary 4

We make balls in class as part of a project. 

We need :

200 grams of salt or sand, 5 balloons, scissors.

  1. Cut the necks off all the balls.
  2. Put salt or sand into the first balloon.
  3. Open the second ballon and put your ball inside it. Put it over the neck of the first balloon.
  4. Open the third balloon and put your ball inside it.
  5. Repeat with the fourth balloon.
  6. Put the last balloon over the ball. Now you are ready to play!

lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2017


Este curso escolar 2017-2018 participamos en un nuevo proyecto E-twinning relacionado con la Navidad llamado "Magical Christmas"
Magical Christmas is a simple project about the magic atmosfere of Christmas. Children can improve their language skills sharing Christmas cards, songs adn wishes on  twinspace.

Pulsa para ver el certificado : certificado etwinning

1st collaboration; Why Cristmas is magic for you? (Padlet)

Los alumnos de todos los países colaboradores de Etwinning escriben en padlet mensajes sobre porqué la Navidad es mágica para ellos. Los alumnos de 3 años y 4º de primaria ya lo han hecho:

Pulsa para ver las aportaciones de nuestros alumnos y los de otros colegios claboradores en nuestro proyecto:

padlet etwinning

Los alumnos de 4º de primaria se presentan explicando sus hobbies:

Calendario de actuaciones:

1st collaboration: Why Christmas is important for you?
2nd collaboration; Christmas Poems (Padlet)
3rd collaboration; Christmas Wishes (Padlet)
4th collaboration: Christmas Carols (Padlet)
5th collaboration: Christmas cards (Padlet)
6th collaboration: Christmas drawings  (Padlet)

7th collaboration: EVALUATIONS

This is the presententaion of our school and pupils to Europe:

Colegio Santiago el Mayor, Toledo, Spain
Ir a este Sway

lunes, 13 de noviembre de 2017


Shop & Drop Learning Game
Shop and Drop learning game
Keep your customers happy by making sure you put the right items into their box. Play all 15 levels, practise your vocabulary and see if you can make it onto the leader board!
  • Exam level: Young Learners (Starters, Movers, Flyers)
  • CEFR level: pre-A1–A2
  • Skills practised: reading and listening

Monkey Puzzles World Tour
Monkey Puzzles World tour - Image
Join Monkey's trip around the world and play 8 mini games, including 2 new games to practise listening skills. Unlock games as you progress – but watch out, they get harder as you go along!
Play the game on our website or download the FREE app on the iOS App Store. Android users can play Monkey Puzzles World Tour on our website with an internet connection.

Monkey Puzzles
Monkey Puzzles
Visit our Monkey's favourite places and play 8 mini games to test your English. Unlock new games as you progress - but watch out, the games get harder as you go along!
  • Exam level: Young Learners (Starters, Movers, Flyers)
  • CEFR level: A1-A2
  • Skills practised: Reading
Now available FREE for iPad and iPhone! Visit the iOS App Store.

Visit Funland and play a range of classic fairground games to practise your English language. Control the ferris wheel, splash the clowns and collect prizes along the way. Available on the App Store and Google Play to download for free.
  • Exam level: Young Learners (Movers, Flyers), Key (KEY), Preliminary (PET)
  • CEFR level: A1-B1
  • Skills practised: Reading, Listening

Academy Island
Academy Island
An unknown alien life form lands on earth and has to learn English to get around. Progress through different difficulty levels by helping the alien use English in a range of situations such as shopping in a bakery or visiting places such as an art gallery and library.
  • Exam level: Preliminary, (PET), First (FCE), Advanced (CAE)
  • CEFR level: B1-C1
  • Skills practised: Reading

Reviewing the vocabulary learnt

Los alumnos de 3 años repasan el vocabulario aprendido de la unidad 1

Christmas contest

Today we have been making Christmas cards. We had so much fun! We are participating in a Christmas cards contest organized by the AMPA. We a...