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viernes, 28 de abril de 2017

Magic show in Santiago el Mayor

Today we were amazed by two magicians at our school. The show was called  "around the world". Lots of tricks and fun for Infants  and primary.

miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

English Camp 2017 ESO in Guadarrama

Day 1: 19 April 2017

All of us happy and good weather as well!!

Playing games and having fun in English with Tom and Natasha, our monitors! !

Time to make our beds. ..oh dear!!!

We are starving after so much fun so... pasta and stew for lunch... delicious! !!

Enjoying the workshops: collaboration, teamwork, fair play, sincerity, friendship, honesty.

Having a break eating a snack!!

In the rooms

Night games: taboo, mime, guessing songs. ..

Day 2: 20 April 2017

Morning at Forestal Park: releasing some adrenaline! !

Going on with the workshops to perform and record them. The rest of students will have to guess the moral.

And at night... more fun with Britain's got a talent with the honour of the presence of the three judges!!!

Disco time before going to bed

Day 3: 21 April 2017

Third and last day!!

We've watched the videos we recorded the previous day and we've guessed the morals successfully!!

Afterwards, we were amazed by some beautiful animals like rabbits, a ferret, a falcon, some Eagles and an owl. 

We loved them so much that wanted to take all of them back home with us!!!

Time to say thank you for everything and bye!!!

We will be in Toledo at 16:20 aprox.